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TDA Global Gatherings

         Thenmardchi Vizha 2018 at Chava

TDA organised the third successful Thenmaradchi Vizha 2018 in Chavakachcheri. More.

  Thenmaradchi Cultural Event 

TDA  sponsored Thenmaradchi wide cultural event called Nathanarthanam, a traditional dance event. More

  TDA Donated Medical Equipment to Prevent Dengue in Thenmaradchi
TDA donated Dengue Prevention Smoke Sprayer to support local initiative. More


 Thenmardchi Vizha 2017 at Chava

TDA organised the second successful Thenmaradchi Vizha 2017 in Chavakachcheri. More.

  Thenmaradchi Development Workshop 

TDA  organised a regional development workshop inviting prominent academics, professional, leaders and public locally in Chavakachcheri. More

  TDA UK 2018 Planning Meeting held in London
Inviting Members and Associate Organisations  TDA UK held a 2018 project planning meeting. More


 First Thenmardchi Vizha at Chava

First Thenmaradchi  Vizha was held in Chavakachcheri on 6th and 7th of August 2016 promoting and recognising talents. More.

  Thenmaradchi Education Fund Launched 

TDA created an Education Fund for supporting needy students to continue and excel in the education. More

  2017 Thenmaradchi Get-Together held in London
TDA UK organised a get-together in London . Event was attracted wider spectrum of people. More



 Know About Thenmardchi

Thenmaradchi Divisional Secretariat Division website provides recent statistics. Add More contents here

  Thenmaradchi Get-Together 

TDA organised a Dinner and Dance Charity Event successfully. Click here for More.


 Education and Skill Dev Project

TDA organises a yearly event in Thenmaradchi to promote education, sports and culture. More


 Past Projects

In 2014, TDA supported an awareness program and a Free Diabetes Clinic in Thenmaradchi. More

 TDA Donations

In 2011, TDA donated Sewing Machines to empower women in Thenmaradchi. More

 Past Charity Events

TDA organises Charity Events every year to raise funds for its projects. More


Thenmaradchi Development Association, UK