Thenmaradchi Vizha – Chavakachcheri – Aug 12-13, 2017 (photos attached)

TDA organised Thenmaradchi Vizha second year in a row in Chavakachcheri with local and international participants. TDA members in the ground and TDA international members from UK, France, Canada representing TDA UK, TDA France, and TDA Canada jointly organised vizha. Several events were organised, stretching for the full two days.

12th Saturday morning, a cultural program called Nathanarthanavarnam was held in a grad scale with dances from school all over Thenmaradchi region. TDA sponsors this monthly held event at Thenmaradchi schools conducted by Thenmaradchi Divisional Secretariat for Education to promote cultural activities in Thenmaradchi schools.

Nathanarthanavarnam Program

12th Saturday evening, Thenmaradchi vizha award ceremony was held recognising the winners of sports, cultural and academic achievements. Second year in a row, TDA oranised several sports and cultural competitions to promote sports and cultural awareness among Thenmaradchi Students.

13th Sunday, a workshop was organised for the full day with participants from local government bodies, school principals, medical doctors, university professors and other predominant personnel within and outside Thenmaradchi to discuss the priority issues and development opportunities in Thenmaradchi. The aim was to develop a document identifying development priorities to hand it over to Government institutions and interested bodies.

Thenmaradchi Development Workshop Agenda: